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Table 4. Technicians and illustrators in systematic entomology and their taxonomic affiliation. The particular scientist they worked with during most of their career, or if currently on staff, the latest scientist they work for is listed in parentheses. Dates documenting years of service are only given for current staff members. Scientific illustrators are included as they have contributed significantly to taxonomic research.

Beginning Decade Present Taxonomic Affiliation (Supervising Scientist)  


de Ruette, R. Coleoptera  
Dillon, M. Diptera (with Oliver)  
Forrest, W. Lepidoptera  
Forster, L. Diptera (with Downes and Borkent)  
Hicks, S. Coleoptera  
Lewis, G. Lepidoptera  
Mann, M. Acari (with Smith)  
Rockburn, E. Lepidoptera  
Brown, D. Hemiptera (with Kelton)  


Bolte, K. 1967-2006   Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera (with Huber)  
Bolte, S. Hymenoptera (with Masner)  
Dillon, B. Hymenoptera (with Sharkey)  
Hill, L. Acari (with Smith)
Idema, G. Acari (with Lindquist)  
Idema, R. Illustrator (for Diptera)  
Ivanochko, M. Hymenoptera  
Krelina, E. 1969-1999 Lepidoptera (with Lafontaine)  
Kritsch, D. 1968-2005   Diptera (with Cumming and O'Hara)  
McNamara, J. Coleoptera (with Smetana)  
Sauvé, A. Hymenoptera  
Stewart, B. Homoptera (with Richards)  
Walther, H. 1966-2003   Diptera (with Cumming)


Bisdee, E. Hymenoptera  
Bowen, B. Hymenoptera (with Masner)  
Chahal, S. Homoptera  
Cooper, B. 1970-2005   Diptera (with O'Hara and Cumming)  
Eamer, B.1973-present   Acari (with Behan-Pelletier)  
Flahey, B. 1979-present   Illustrator (for various orders)  
Gibson, G. 1972-1979   Hymenoptera (research scientist in 1982)  
Hanley, W. Diptera  
Lafontaine, D. 1972-1978   Lepidoptera (research scientist in 1979)  
Miller, S. ?-1982   Surveys (with Martin)
Redner, J. 1972-?1990 Arachnida (with Dondale)  
Rickey, E. 1974-2009   NIS  
Rigby, S. 1977-1995 Illustrator (for various orders)  
Sarazin, M. 1976-2006   Biocontrol (with P. Mason)  
Sato, G.1975-present   Illustrator (for Coleoptera)  
Wu, K.1970-present   Acari (with Lindquist)  


Davies, A.1980-present   Coleoptera (with Bouchard)  
Dumouchel, L. 1982-2002   Hymenoptera (CFIA)  
Gill, J.1982-present   Lepidoptera (with Lafontaine)  
Hutchison, R. 1987-1997   Coleoptera (with LeSage)  
Idema, R. ?-1979   Illustrator (for Diptera & contract)  
Moorhouse, D. 1989-2009   Illustrator (for various orders)  
Paquette, C. Technician/Illustrator (Hemiptera (with Richards))  
Poirier, J. 1984-present   Collections Management  
Read, J.1989-present   Hymenoptera (with Huber) (CFS)  
Skidmore, R. ?-2004   Small Orders, Coleoptera (with Bright)  
van der Meer, J. 1980-1989 Acari (with Behan-Pelletier)  
Yuzyk, L. Illustrator (for Diptera)  


Elsaesser, J.1998-present   Homoptera (with Hamilton)  
Laplante, S.1990-present   Collections Management  
Maw, E.1990-present   Homoptera (with Foottit)  
MacKenzie, M.1997-present   Acari (with Smith)


Farmakis, A.-M. 2003-present   Biocontrol (with Mason)  
Boudreault, C. 2003-present   Hymenoptera (with Goulet)  
Barnes, D. 2003-present   Hymenoptera (with Bennett)  
Zmudzinska, A. 2003-present   Coleoptera (with Bousquet)  
Bartels, L. 2004-present   Hymenoptera (with Gibson)  
Brooks, S. 2004-present   Diptera (with Cumming)  
Brauner, A. 2005-present   Biocontrol (with Mason)  
Mahoney, S. 2006-present   Diptera (with O'Hara)  
Kelso, S. 2007-present   Diptera (with Skevington)
Badiss, A. 2008-present   Nematoda (with Yu)
Savard, K. 2010-present   Coleoptera (with LeSage)
Wayne Knee 2011-present   Acari (with Beaulieu)
Troubridge, J. 2002-2008   Lepidoptera, Collections Manager

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