The original version of the “Checklist of beetles of Canada and Alaska” was published fifteen years ago [Bousquet, Y. (Ed.) 1991. Checklist of beetles of Canada and Alaska. Research Branch, Agriculutre Canada. Publication 1861/E., Ottawa. 430pp]. This publication contained synonymies and distribution data for the nearly 7500 species of Coeloptera known in Canada and Alaska at the time.

Because of its popularity, the data contained in the Checklist was transformed into a database containing the distribution of all valid species in Canada and Alaska. This database, developed by staff of Agriculture Canada, appeared on the internet for several years before being removed recently. We are making this data available online once again (click here for an Excel file containing distribution of all valid species in Canada and Alaska as published in the 1991 Checklist).

There is now an incentive to update the data presented in the original checklist and a review of the classification, nomenclature and distribution data as well as additions to the fauna since 1991 is underway by the staff of the CNC Coleoptera Unit. We would of course like to have accurate distribution data for all species for the updated Checklist. Please consider sending representative specimens of new or interesting distributional records to P. Bouchard (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, K.W. Neatby Building, 960 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0C6, CANADA) for deposition in the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes and inclusion in the Second Version of the Checklist. If you are interested in reviewing our data before the publication of the Second Version of the Checklist (either specific families or the entire dataset) please send a notification of interest to bouchardpb@agr.gc.ca.

Each file below contains data by family as published in the 1991 Checklist. Data in the different families was generated by a number of authors, which were acknowledged in the printed Checklist.

Abbreviations and symbols used in the family files:
AB = Alberta
AK = Alaska
BC = British Columbia
ON = Ontario
LB = Labrador
MB = Manitoba
NB = New Brunswick
NF = Newfoundland
NS = Nova Scotia
NT = Northwest Territories
PE = Prince Edward Island
PQ = Quebec
SK = Saskatchewan
YK = Yukon Territory
H = Holarctic (below the introductory paragraphs)
I = Introduced (below the introductory paragraphs)

+ = introduced in North America (beside the species name)
(+) = probably introduced in North America (beside the species name)
* = holarctic (beside the species name)


Aderidae Corylophidae Leiodidae Ptiliidae
Agyrtidae Cryptophagidae Limnichidae Ptilodactylidae
Amphizoidae Cucujidae Limulodidae Ptinidae
Anobiidae Cupedidae Lucanidae Pyrochroidae
Anthicidae Curculionidae Lycidae Pythidae
Anthribidae Dascillidae Lyctidae Rhipiceridae
Apionidae Dermestidae Lymexylidae Rhipiphoridae
Artematopidae Derodontidae Melandryidae Rhizophagidae
Attelabidae Dryopidae Meloidae Rhynchitidae
Biphyllidae Dytiscidae Melyridae Rhysodidae
Boridae Elateridae Micromalthidae Salpingidae
Bostrichidae Elmidae Micropeplidae Scaphidiidae
Brentidae Endomychidae Mordellidae Scarabaeidae
Bruchidae Erotylidae Mycetophagidae Scirtidae
Buprestidae Eucinetidae Mycteridae Scolytidae
Byrrhidae Eucnemidae Nemonychidae Scraptiidae
Byturidae Georyssidae Nitidulidae Scydmaenidae
Cantharidae Gyrinidae Nosodendridae Silphidae
Carabidae Haliplidae Noteridae Sphaeritidae
Cephaloidae Heteroceridae Oedemeridae Sphindidae
Cerambycidae Histeridae Passalidae Staphylinidae
Cerylonidae Hydraenidae Pedilidae Synchroidae
Chrysomelidae Hydrophilidae Phalacridae Tenebrionidae
Ciidae Ithyceridae Phengodidae Tetratomidae
Clambidae Lagriidae Platypodidae Throscidae
Cleridae Lampyridae Prostomidae Trachypachidae
Coccinellidae Languriidae Pselaphidae Trogositidae
Colydiidae Lathridiidae Psephenidae Zopheridae

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