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Curator: Dr. Jeffrey H. Skevington

Species in CNC:

Genus Specific Epithet Author Primary Types Nearctic Neotropical Palaearctic Afrotropical Oriental Australiasian Oceanian
Ochtiphila elegans Panzer       4        
Ochtiphila fasciata Loew       2        
Ochtiphila geniculata Zetterstedt   34   4        
Ochtiphila herbarum Robineau-Desvoidy   116   38        
Ochtiphila aridella Fallen   3   13        
Ochtiphila joncorum Fallen   92   19        
Ochtiphila sylvatica Collin       1        
Ochtiphila nigripalpis Collin   1   2        
Ochtiphila fumicosta Malloch   19            
Ochtiphila polystigma Meigen   105   19        
Ochtiphila paludosa Collin   15            
Ochtiphila flavipalpis Haliday                

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Dr. J.H. Skevington

Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes
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