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Curator: Dr. Jeffrey H. Skevington

Species in CNC:

Genus Specific Epithet Author Primary Types Nearctic Neotropical Palaearctic Afrotropical Oriental Australiasian Oceanian
Odontoloxozus longicornis Coquillett   8 5          
Odontoloxozus peruanus Hennig     14          
Telostylus trilineatus Meijere           1    
Telostylinus lineolatus Wiedemann           14    
Telostylinus bivittatus Cress.             3  
Gymnonerius fuscus Wiedemann           38    
Derocephalus angusticollis Enderlein             1  
Stpocladius appendiculatus Hendel           3    
Longina sp.                  
Chaetonerius sp.                  
Nerius sp.                  
Antillonerius sp.                  
Loxozus sp.                  
Glyphidops flavifrons Bigot     2          
Glyphidops pluricellatus Schiner     3          

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Dr. J.H. Skevington

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