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Curator: Dr. Jeffrey H. Skevington

Species in CNC:

Genus Specific Epithet Author Primary Types Nearctic Neotropical Palaearctic Afrotropical Oriental Australiasian Oceanian
Heloclusia imperfecta Malloch     1          
Latheticomyia longiterebra Hennig Holotype   3          
Latheticomyia rotundicornis Hennig Holotype   2          
Latheticomyia sp.       3          
Latheticomyia tricolor Wheeler   3            
Protoborborus antipoda Harrison             1  
Protoborborus flavitarsis Harrison             2  
Pseudopomyza atrimana Meigen             2  
Pseudopomyza sp.               8  
Pseudopomyzella flava Hennig Holotype   5       8  
Rhinopomyzella albimana Hennig Holotype   6          
Rhinopomyzella nigrimanna Hennig Holotype   29          
Rhinopomyzella sp.       37          
Tenuia nigripes Malloch                

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Dr. J.H. Skevington

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