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Retired Diptera Unit Personnel

Borkent, A. Research Scientist. 1982-1989. Ceratopogonidae, Cecidomyiidae, Chaoboridae
Brooks, A. R. Research Scientist. 1938-1948. Diptera
Chillcott, J. G. Research Scientist. 1951-1967. Empididae, Fanniidae
Cooper, B. Technician. 1970-2005 (with J. O'Hara and J. Cumming)
Curran, C. Research Scientist. 1922-1928. Diptera
Davies, L. Research Scientist. 1959-1960. Simuliidae
Dillon (Roussel), M. Technician (with D. Oliver)
Downes, J. A. Research Scientist. 1953-1978. Ceratopogonidae
Eamer (Bissett), B. Technician. 1983-1989.
Idema, R. Scientific Illustrator for Diptera Unit
Forster, L. Technician (with J. A. Downes and A. Borkent)
Huckett, H. C. Contract Research Scientist. 1958-1965. Northern Muscidae
Kritsch, D. Technician. 1968-2005 (with J. Cumming and J. O'Hara)
McAlpine, J. F. Research Scientist. 1950-1985. Acalyptrates
Oliver, D. Research Scientist. 1962-1995. Chironomidae
Peterson, B. V. Research Scientist. 1963-1983. Simuliidae
Shewell, G. E. Research Scientist. 1937-1976. Lauxaniidae, Sarcophagidae
Spencer, K. A. Contract Research Scientist. 1967. Agromyzidae of Canada and Alaska
Teskey, H. J. Research Scientist. 1964-1987. Pelechorhynhidae, Tabanidae
Thompson, W. R. Contract Research Scientist. 1959-1965. Tachinidae of Trinidad
Vockeroth, J. R. Research Scientist. 1949-1991. Muscidae, Mycetophiloidea, Scathophagidae, Syrphidae. *Worked as an Honorary Research Associate until 2009.*
Walther, H. Technician. 1966-2003 (with J. Cumming)
Wood, D.M. Research Scientist. 1964-1986. Tachinidae. *Still working as an Honorary Research Associate.*

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Dr. J.H. Skevington

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