Refereed Journal Articles

Gibson, J.F., Skevington, J.H. and Kelso, S. (2012). When genes and genitalia come together: a phylogenetic analysis of relationships between genera of Conopidae (Diptera) based on molecular and morphological data. Cladistics. Submitted.

Knee, W., Beaulieu, F., Skevington, J.H., Kelso, S., Cognato, A.I., and Forbes, M.R. (2012). Exploring species boundaries and host range of tortoise mites (Uropodoidea) phoretic on bark beetles (Scolytinae) using morphometric and molecular (COI, 28S) markers. PLoS ONE. Submitted.

Knee, W., Forbes, M.R., Beaulieu, F., Skevington, J.H. and Kelso, S. (2012). Cryptic species of mites (Uropodoidea: Uroobovella spp.) associated with burying beetles (Silphidae: Nicrophorus): the collapse of a host generalist revealed by molecular and morphological analyses. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Submitted.

Gibson, J.F., Kelso, S., Kits, J.H., Jackson, M.D., Miranda, G.F.G., and Skevington, J.H. (2011). Diptera-Specific PCR-Amplification Primers of Use in Molecular Phylogenetic Research.  Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 104(5): 976-997.

Gibson, J. F., Kelso, S. and Skevington, J. H. (2010). No More Band-cutting! A method for the isolation and purification of target PCR bands from multiplex PCR products using new technology. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 56: 1126-1128.

Gibson, J. F., Skevington, J. H. and Kelso, S. (2010). Placement of the Conopidae (Diptera) within the Schizophora based on ten mtDNA and nrDNA gene regions. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 56: 91-103.


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