Eristalis (including both subgenera - Eristalis and Eoseristalis)

General Information on Eristalis  

  • Eristalis larvae are known as rat-tailed maggots and occur in stagnant aquatic environments where they feed on decaying organic matter. Adults of most species are regularly encountered on flowers.
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  • Eristalis anthophorina (common, widespread)
  • Eristalis arbustorum (common, widespread)
  • Eristalis brousii (rare, S, C Ontario only)
  • Eristalis cryptarum (uncommon, C Ontario only)
  • Eristalis dimidiata (common, widespread)
  • Eristalis flavipes (common, widespread)
  • Eristalis fratercula (1 record in far northern Ontario)
  • Eristalis hirta (not recorded in Ontario, expected in N)
  • Eristalis interrupta (uncommon in N and C Ontario)
  • Eristalis obscura (common, S and C Ontario)
  • Eristalis oestracea (rare, far Northern Ontario only)
  • Eristalis rupium (not recorded in Ontario)
  • Eristalis saxorum (1 Ontario record, Chaffeys Locks)
  • Eristalis stipator (2 records in C Ontario)
  • Eristalis transversa (common, widespread)
  • Eristalis tenax (common, widespread)


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