General Information on Therevidae

Over 1,600 species of therevids exist. These flies are important players in arid and semi-arid ecosystems, where their larvae are voracious predators of other soil dwelling organisms. Although therevids are abundant members of these ecosystems, their adults are rarely seen unless trapped. Malaise trapping has greatly increased our knowledge of this group. For the last decade, research on therevids has blossomed under funding from the National Science Foundation’s PEET (Partnerships Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy) program. A wealth of information on therevids is available at: http://www.inhs.uiuc.edu/cee/therevid/. Knowledge of the group in Australia has also increased dramatically and we recently produced the first interactive key to the family for this region (http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/phpps/ppd/Lucid/Therevidae/Austherevid/key/Austherevid/Media/Html/opening_page.html). These pages contain a wealth of information about Australian therevids as well as a key to genera. As we continue to build this site species keys and species pages will be added.


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