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Many sites print the pages as close in format to the way the page appears on the screen. Since much of our screen display is made up of repeating navigation borders, I decided to only allow the printing of the pertinent centre panel. This is a design decision; not a flaw.

This site is best veiwed on a monitor dislaying 1024x768 pixels. It has been checked for Firefox 3, IE 6&8, and Chrome.

Some images are linked to a larger, higher resolution version. If this is the case, there will be a help hint "Click to view a larger image" in the caption window that will pop up when you mouseover the image.

The CanaColl-CNC website is a site for two organizations. To best show this dichotomy, and yet try to make the site work as a unit, the webpage design is divided into four distinct sections.

  • The Canadian National Collection (CNC) choices and links are in the left side navigation bar; the background colour scheme is green.
  • The CanaColl Foundation (CanaColl) choices and links are in the right side navigation bar; the background colour scheme is red.
  • The centre section contains the information specific to a unit, such as the Diptera Section, or topic, such as the CanaColl Role. These units usually have a direct menu link, either from a link on the side bars, or from a menu bar item at the top of the page. The menu bars at the top of the centre section are specific to that unit or section.
  • A General section links to topics that are useful for Entomology or the website in general. The links are located at the centre right, with a black background colour scheme.

There are two searches. The Person Search provides a static list of scientists, technicians, associates, and others, employed by the Canadian National Collection.
The Site Search is a general, powerful search that will enable you to search for any term. It will only access documents on the CanaColl-CNC website. You can search for any term, such as people (e.g. Smith), taxa (e.g. Apis), reprints (e.g. pdf). If you search for pdf, the results list will let you either view or download the picklist if you rightmouse click on the title.

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