Definitions For Glossary Terms

(pl., galeae) Outer, apical lobe of the maxilla. [drawing]
The posteriormost of the three main body regions of a chalcid, which looks like the insect abdomen but excludes both the first 'true' abdominal segment, the propodeum, and the second 'true' abdominal segment, the petiole (see also metasoma). [drawing]
In some Agaonidae, term used for the composite tail-like structure formed by the ovipositor and elongated one or two last metasomal terga.
Side of the head below the temple, that is, the lateral surface of the head behind the eye and below the eye posterior to the malar sulcus, if present. [drawing][photo]
GENAL BRIDGE    See postgenal bridge
Ridge on the gena that extends from the ventrolateral corner of the mouth cavity toward or partly behind the eye; unlike the occipital carina a genal carina is not continuous dorsally. [photo]
GENAL HOLLOW    See malar depression
Margin of the mouth cavity on the lateral surface of the head above the mandible.
GENAL SULCUS    See malar sulcus
Elbowed, or being abruptly angled.
Combined structures of the male genitalia, which usually consists of a more or less tubular phallobase surrounding an aedeagus; sometimes also called the phallus. [drawing]
(pl., glossae) Inner pair of lobes at the apex of the prementum of the labium, which combined with the paraglossae form the 'fleshy' ligula.
(pl., gonangula) Synonymous with first valvifer and hypothesized to represent a detached portion of the gonocoxa of the ninth abdominal segment.
(pl., gonapophyses) Mesal appendage (process) of the gonocoxa; the gonapophyses of the eighth abdominal segment form the first valvulae and the gonapophyses of the ninth abdominal segment form the second valvulae.
GONOBASE    See phallobase
(pl., gonocoxae) The presumptive coxae of the genital segments, abdominal segments eight and nine; in Hymenoptera the second valvifer is considered to be the gonocoxa of the ninth abdominal segment, whereas the gonocoxa of the eighth segment is hypothesized to be lost and the first valvifer is thought to be derived from a detached portion of the gonocoxa of the ninth segment, the gonangulum.
GONOFORCEP    See paramere
GONOPLACS    See ovipositor sheaths
(pl., gonostyli) Stylus of a genital segment, the eighth and ninth abdominal segments.
Posteromedian region of the head ventral to the posterior tentorial pits, between the occipital foramen and hypostomae, which is delineated laterally by the gular sulcus (see also postgenal bridge and hypostomal bridge). [photo][photo]
Paired, subparallel sulci on the posterior of the head between the occipital foramen and hypostomae that distinguish the outer margins of the gula. [photo]