Definitions For Glossary Terms

Anteriorly convergent sloping surface of the pronotum anterior to the collar; sometimes called the collum. [drawing][photo]
The membranous cuticle that connects the overlapped, dorsolateral portions of the second valvulae or stylet sheath of the ovipositor stylets. [drawing]
NOTAULAR LINE    See notaulus
NOTAULIX    See notaulus
(pl., notauli) Paired lines or grooves on the mesoscutum that subdivide the sclerite into a median midlobe and lateral lobes; the notauli, if present, usually originate anteriorly near each mesothoracic spiracle and converge posteriorly, often ending near the inner angles of the axillae if they extend to the transscutal articulation. The notauli are external indications of internal phragmata that separate the dorsolongitudinal and dorsoventral flight muscles (see also parapsidal line). [drawing][photo]
(pl., nota) The tergum of a thoracic segment. [drawing]
Posteromedian region of the propodeum, if the region extends more or less neck-like posteriorly between the metacoxae. [drawing][photo]