Each individual scientist has a list of his or her publications, linked from his or her homepage. Please access these lists via the 'Staff - Personnel' webpage.

Hardcopy Hymenoptera Publications

The following publications have been produced by a cooperative team of the Hymenoptera Section scientists.

  • Hymenoptera of the world: An identification guide to families.
  • Annotated keys to the genera of Nearctic Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera)
  • The Insects and Arachnids of Canada (Handbook Series) (click here for availability)
    • Part 12 - The Families and Subfamilies of Canadian Chalcidoid Wasps (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)
    • Part 20 - The Genera and Subgenera of the sawflies of Canada and Alaska (Hymenoptera: Symphyta)
Hardcopy Publications From Other Hymenoptera Staff

We also have many reprints available from Hymenoptera staff who have retired or moved on. If you would like a particular publication, please contact John Huber e-mail icon to find out if your choice is available.

The following is a list of the authors, their history at the CNC and the Hymenoptera Section, and a general idea of the subject of their papers.

  • Dumouchel, Louise (technician at CNC in 1979, in Hymenoptera unit from 19812001 [since 1998 with CFIA as biologist]); Apoidea, Megachilidae, Tenthredinidae, Vespidae
  • Ivanochko, Ivan (technician at CNC from early 1960's to mid-1980's); Braconidae, Megachilidae
  • Loan, C. C. [19261999] (at CNC, 19721980)
  • Miller, Charles Douglas Fairbanks (19481978 at CNC)
  • Milliron, Herbert [1923-1979?] (at CNC, from 19611973); Apidae, Bombinae
  • Peck, Oswald [1903-1999] (at CNC from 19351969); biography, Chalcidoidea, Ichneumonidae, Megachilidae, Tenthredinidae
  • Sarazin, Michael (biologist at CNC from 19762006, in Hymenoptera unit from 19821986); primary types of Hymenoptera
  • Sharkey, Michael J. [1953 ](at CNC 19811997?); Braconidae
  • Viereck, Henry Lorenz [18811931] (at CNC from 19231926); Ichneumonidae
  • Walley, G. Stuart [1904-2008] (retired from AAFC at age 65)

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