Chalcidoid Type Material Contained in the CNC

The Canadian National Collection currently contains 504 primary types of Chalcidoidea plus another 545 species represented by at least one secondary type. The 1050 species represented by type material constitute about one-third of the total number of chalcidoid species in the CNC. Here we provide information on the types and species in two formats.

Online Format

An online 'Table of Primary Types in the CNC' and an online 'Table of Species Represented by Secondary Types in the CNC' list alphabetically by chalcid family the species represented either by primary or secondary types. The online tables include only the original species name, author, and year described plus for primary types whether it is a holotype, neotype, lectotype or syntype.

  • Table of Primary Types in the CNC link icon
  • Table of Species Represented by Secondary Types in the CNC link icon
File Download

Users can also download Microsoft Excel files of CNC type holdings that include more complete type information, including method of preservation (Pinned, Slide, Amber Fossil), sex of primary type (Female, Male), category of secondary type (Paratype, Allotype), currently accepted name of the species, journal citation of the original description, type data for primary types, number of secondary types, and relevant notes (e.g. journal citation for neotype or lectotype designation). These Excel files are, respectively, the 'Primary Types in the CNC' and 'Species Represented by Secondary Types in the CNC'.

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