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President's Prize (PP2)

Moderator: Gary Gibson
13:00 — 18:30

R. Patankar,
S. C. Thomas,
S. M. Smith

Impact of a galling eriophyid mite on leaf-level gas exchange in mature sugar maple canopies from a northern temperate forest.


O. Mitra,
M. Callaham,
M. Smith,
J. Yack

Grunting for worms: Seismic vibrations cause Diplocardia earthworms to emerge from the soil.


T. Jogesh,
N. Cappuccino

Herbivory, novel chemistry and the feeding preference of generalist and oligophagous specialist herbivores on introduced plants in the families Apiaceae, Brassicacaeae and Fabaceae.


J. Stoltz,
M. Andrade

The effect of residency and male size on mating success in competing male redback spiders.


M. Modanu,
M. C. B. Andrade

Compensating for poor performance: Loss of copulatory organ triggers developmental shift in male black widow spiders (Latrodectus hesperus).


T. Wist,
M. Evenden

Ovipositional preference of the ash leaf coneroller, Caloptilia fraxinella (Lepidoptera: Gracillaridae) for black ash, Fraxinus nigra.


N. Lee,
D. O. Elias, A. C. Mason

Misdirected phonotaxis to a phantom source: responses to multiple sound sources in the acoustic parasitoid fly Ormia ochracea.


J. Hurley,
J. N. McNeil

Mating behaviour and female fecundity in Macrosiphum euphoribae.


Coffee break



A. J. Fleming,
J. E. Yack

Sonic, ultrasonic and vibratory signalling in the Mountain Pine Beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae).


S. Sivalinghem,
D. Elias,
M. Kasumovic,
A. Mason,
M. Andrade

Mate choice in jumping spiders Phiddipus clarus.


J. J. Babin-Fenske,
M. Anand, Y. Alarie

Using museum specimens to examine correlations between climate change and rapid morphological change in stream beetles.


Q. X. Chen

The effect of hairpencil symmetry in female mate choice and female multiple mating in daughters’ pre-reproductive period in Pseudaletia unipuncta.


V. Bura,
J. Yack

Multiple origins of sound production in Bombycoidea caterpillars.


C. M. Vincent,
S. M. Bertram

Behavioural avoidance of parasitism in Gryllus texensis.


R. J. Chlebak,
L. Ellis, J W. Dawson

Aerial behaviour of a species of Archaeognatha, a window into the past?


J. Bowen,
M. Smith, A. Kawahara,
J. H. Skevington,
S-H. Yen, J. Yack

Insights into evolution of vibrational communication in caterpillars (Drepanidae) based on morphological, molecular and behavioural data.


J. Jacobs,
T. Work

Deadwood dynamics and associated insects in black spruce stands prone to paludification.


M. Barrette,
L-A. Giraldeau,
J. Brodeur, G. Boivin

Travel time affects specialization in aphid parasitoid.


G-M. Wu,
G. Boivin, J. Brodeur,
L-A. Giraldeau,
Y. Outreman

Is resistance futile? Role of aphid cornicle secretions against parasitoids.


J. Vickruck,
M. Richards

Sharing prime real estate: Substrate preferences and the consequences of substrate choice in two species of small carpenter bees (Ceratina dupla and C. calcarata). 18:15

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