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President's Prize (PP3)

Moderator: Owen Lonsdale
13:00 — 18:00

S. Abele,
E. Macdonald, J. Spence

Gastropod diversity and distribution in the boreal mixedwood.


A. Renaud,
J. Savage, R. Roughley

Historical changes in the biodiversity of Muscidae and Fanniidae (Diptera: Muscoidea) of Churchill (MB).


M. Horn,
P. Kevan

Pollinators in the city: Effects of zoning on pollinator abundance and diversity.


S. Paradis,
T. Work

Effect of ecosystem management on ground-dwelling arthropods in the black spruce-feathermoss forest of Northwestern Québec.


E. Barkley,
J. Malcolm, S. Smith

Do Carabidae and Diapriidae communities reflect age class distribution and structure in the boreal forest?


J. J. Bowden,
C. M. Buddle

Elevational patterns of spiders across the forest-tundra transition, Yukon Territory, Canada.


J. M. Fitzsimmons,
A. Algar, N. D. Szabo,
E. R. Young, J. Gibbs,
K. E. Gibbs, J. L. Nadeau,
H. Kharouba,
A. L. MacDonald, J. T. Kerr

Range shifts of Canadian butterfly species: have related species responded similarly to climate change?


J. Stolar,
A. R. Davis

Evaluating flower visitors as pollinators of Lilium philadelphicum in Saskatchewan.


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C. Bergeron,
J. Pinzon, D. Hartley,
J. Spence

Effect of habitat and trap installation on pitfall trap catches of ground dwelling invertebrates.


C. M. Wood,
D. W. Langor, J. R. Spence

Assessment of saproxylic beetle assemblages from various decay stages of trembling aspen deadwood.


A. Hibbert,
T. Work, P. Drapeau,
T. Wheeler

Trophic and community structure of saproxylic Diptera found in fallen spruce and aspen logs.


J. Pinzon,
J. Spence

Spiders on tree trunks: Bark-dwelling specialists or opportunist species.


W. Knee,
M. Forbes, F. Beaulieu

Geographic variation in host specificity of mites with bark beetles (Scolytinae) in white pine stands in Ontario.


A. Mercado CÁrdenas,
C. M. Buddle, H. Barrios

Weevil assemblages (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) along forest edges in tropical lowland forests adjacent to different matrix habitats.


S. R. Colla,
L. Packer

Assessing the causes of decline among North American bumble bees (Bombus spp.).


E. Esch,
U. Sillins, J. R. Spence,
K. Bladon

Benthic macroinvertebrate response to wildfire and salvage logging in oligotrophic headwater streams.


M. Pyper,
J. Spence, D. Langor

Aggregated retention patches and beetle conservation in the mixedwood forests of Alberta, Canada.


J. L. Nadeau,
J. T. Kerr, D. Currie

Species with moving distributions: field tests of predictive models and implications for conservation.


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