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President's Prize (PP4)

Agriculture, Physiology and Education
Moderator: Shi-you Li
13:00 — 18:00

R. Auld,
M. Colbo, P. Dixon

Host preference in Blissus leucopterus hirtus (hairy chinch bug).


A. B. Kwasniewska,
C. Buddle, C. Vincent

Effects of host fruit volatiles on attraction of Rhagoletis mendax (Diptera: Tephritidae) flies to green sphere traps.


L. K. W. Wijayaratne,
P. G. Fields

Effects of methoprene on cold hardiness and heat tolerance of red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum.


A. Brown,
J. Myers

An integrated approach to management of the rosy apple aphid, Dysaphis plantaginea, in organic orchards of British Columbia.


J. Pompon,
D. Quiring, P. Giordanengo,
Y. Pelletier

Search for new means to control aphid potato pests: resistance mechanism of Solanum chomatophilum to Macrosiphum euphorbiae and Myzus persicae.


J. A. Tansey,
L. Dosdall, A. Keddie,
O. Olfert

Cabbage seedpod weevil flight behaviour is influenced by climatic factors.


A. Abdel Ghany,
S. S. Awadalla,
N. F. Abdel-Baky,
H. A. EL- Syrafi,
P. G. Fields

Susceptibility of Stegobium paniceum (Coleoptera: Anobiidae) of different life stages to high temperature.


G. Newton,
V. Behan-Pelletier,
M. Dumontier

Introducing the Journal of Canadian Undergraduate Research / Revue Canadienne de Recherche de Premier Cycle : A journal for Canadian undergraduate entomological (and other) research.


Coffee break



A. S. Weed,
R. A. Casagrande,
A. Gassmann

Biology and host specificity of Eumolpus asclepiadeus: a potential biological control agent of Vincetoxicum.


Z. Jumean,
C. Wood, G. Gries

Frequency distribution of larval codling moth, Cydia pomonella, aggregations in unmanaged apple orchards of the Pacific Northwest.


N. K. Joshi,
L. A. Hull, G. Krawczyk

Efficiency of various lure types for monitoring codling moth adults, Cydia pomonella (L.) in Pennsylvania apple orchards.


M. Franklin,
J. Myers

Influence of local and long-distance dispersal in determining Bt resistance in cabbage looper populations: a molecular analysis.


A. J. Brunke,
M. K. Sears, C. A. Bahlai,
R. H. Hallett

The importance of generalist predators (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Staphylinidae) in the management of millipede populations in sweet potato and carrot fields.


C. W. D’Orsay,
D. B. McCorquodale,
D. J. Giberson

The effects of grazing and management intensity on beetle (Carabidae, Curculionoidea and Staphylinidae) diversity on a managed dairy pasture in Nova Scotia, Canada.


A. Gradish,
C. Scott-Dupree, L. Shipp,
R. Harris, G. Ferguson

Sub-lethal effects of reduced risk pesticides used in greenhouse vegetable production on bumble bees [Bombus impatiens (Cresson)].


R. D. Carleton

Influence of hemlock looper egg density on parasitism by three species of Telenomus wasps.


C. Taylor,
J. Yack

Hearing in caterpillars of Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus).


J. Hummel,
L. Dosdall, G. Clayton,
K. N. Harker, J. O'Donovan

Ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) respond to agroecosystem diversification.


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