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Instructions for Completing the Submissions Form

As a Word Document

Word template document Word document icon

We have attached a Word document so you can submit the following information in the required format. The example below is for those who do not use Word.

[We are getting these submissions in many different formats and it's taking ages to cut-and-paste the information into our spreadsheet. The severity of punishment for submission using an unsupported format is increasing. Eds.]

Please follow the following format and examples provided. Please put your data in the form of the table, including the headings.
Please include only one talk or poster per document.

(Please note who is the speaker in the case of talks)
e.g. last name, first name (1); last name, first name (speaker) (2); etc.
e.g. lastname@university.org (1); lastname@university2.ca (2); etc.
Talk Title:
Poster Title:

(Please note if you want to be considered for the president's prize or indicate the symposium in which you have been invited to present)
. President's Prize; e.g. Grape Symposium

Date Submitted:
Please follow this format:. 13 August 2008
e.g. Last Chance University, Ottawa, ON, N9G 4G5, Canada (1); University of Good Luck, Ottawa, ON, K4S 4R6, Canada (2); etc.
(500 character / 70 word limit. Do not slip in a couple of extra words - we will arbitrarily truncate your abstract to fit our format.)
(Only if necessary.)

Please attach your MS Word document to an e-mail message to be sent to Dr. Jeff Skevington  e-mail icon.