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Contributed papers - Ecology

Coordinator: Peggy Dixon
8:15 — 12:00

C. Buddle

Notes on the natural history of the northern pseudoscorpion Wyochernes asiaticus (Chernetidae).


N. K. Hillier

Comparative physiology of the moth olfactory pathway.


M. Otterstatter

Transmission dynamics in bumble bee social networks revealed by behavioural contagion and pathogen tracers.


K. D. Floate,
P. C. Coghlin,
F. Leggett

A second look at Wolbachia bacteria in the wasp, Urolepis rufipes.


C. Sheffield,
L. Packer, P. Kevan,
A. Taylor

Using guild structure in bee (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) communities for assessment of health.


I. Shikano,
J. D. Ericsson,
J. H. Myers, J. S. Cory

Indirect plant-mediated effects on immunity and disease resistance in insects.


Y. Xue,
C. A. Bahlai, A. Frewin,
M. K. Sears,
A. W. Schaafsma,
R. H. Hallett

Predation by Coccinella septempunctata and Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) on Aphis glycines (Homoptera: Aphididae).


Coffee break



D. Punzalan,
F. H. Rodd, L. Rowe

The adaptive significance of costly, sexually selected colour pattern in the ambush bug Phymata Americana.


P. Hallett

Nest contests between farmed species of local solitary bees and wasps.


J. N. McNeil,
B. J. Frost

Heading for home: A testable hypothesis of how the monarch finds the overwintering sites in Mexico.


L. A. Strachan,
H. E. Tarnowski,
B. J. Sinclair

Physical and evolutionary influences on supercooling capacity of Drosophila spp. Larvae.


G. Boiteau,
C. Vincent, F. Meloche,
T.C . Leskey

Assessment of harmonic radar tag weight potential impact on the walking behaviour of tracked insects.


R. J. Lamb,
P. A. MacKay

Measuring temporal variability in populations of a native aphid - questions and some answers.


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