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Graduate Student Symposium

Coordinators: Chris Borkent and Greg Smith
9:00 — 12:00

L. Lumley,
F. Sperling

The mystery of Choristoneura – meshing mitochondrial DNA, microsatellites, morphometrics, and multivariate methods.


L. Harris,
S. E. Kelly, M. S. Hunter and S. J. Perlman

Rapid spread of the bacterial endosymbiont Cardinium in the aphelinid parasitoid wasp Encarsia pergandiella.


Coffee break



W. H. Jenner,
U. Kuhlmann,
N. Cappuccino,
P. G. Mason

Host specificity of a candidate biological control agent for leek moth.


J. Gibbs

Integrative taxonomy and systematics of the sweat bee subgenus Dialictus (Halictidae: Lasioglossum).


M. LarrivÉe,
C. Buddle

Ballooning propensity and multiple spatial scale diversity patterns of canopy and understorey spiders in north-temperate hardwood forests.


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