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Poster Presentation Information

This is taken from an e-mail message from Co-chair Jeff Skevington to poster presenters, posted here for your information.

'Hello JAM poster presenters,

I am sending this message to only one author from each poster. Please forward it to your co-authors. A couple of things:

1. Posters can be any size up to 1.15 m X 1.15 m. The poster boards have a cork backing so you can expect to pin up your poster - no tape or velcro needed.
2. Keep an eye on our website (http://www.canacoll.org/JAM2008/) for any details that you may need. Session timings are now posted with the schedule and we will be posting individual presentation schedules a few days before the meeting. Presidents Prize candidates will be expected to attend their posters during the judging times (to be posted in the schedule).
3. We will be posting a draft program early next week (Tuesday if all goes as planned). Please check your entries in here. This will give you a chance to correct spelling errors, errors in the abstract and title, etc. before we print the program. Please put this on your calendar and check this! I need to have any changes that you want made in my hand by October 12th (no extensions - we are printing hard copies on the 13th). We will include French abstracts in the program (translated by ESC volunteers). Please give these a very good check to make sure that they say what you intended.'