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Theme of JAM 2008:

IDEAs: Integrating Diverse Entomological Approaches

Plenary Session speakers:
[Names are linked to the speakers' webpages]
Dr. Dan Janzen, University of Pennsylvania (Ecology)
Dr. Maydianne Andrade, University of Toronto (Behavior/physiology)
Dr. John Heraty, University of California, Riverside (Systematics)

Special Symposia [title and organizer(s)]:

[Names are linked to their e-mail addresses]
Graduate Student
Chris Borkent
Invasive Species
Vasily Grebennikov and
Hume Douglas
60th Anniversary of CABI - Canada's Collaboration in Biological Control: Biocontrol
Peter Mason
Digital Entomology (Biodiversity Informatics)
David Shorthouse
Biological Survey of Canada
Andrew Smith
Canadian Insect Collections - their role in support of national and international biodiversity research
Steve Marshall
Insect Pests of Grapevine
Christel Olivier and
Charles Vincent

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