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Oral/Talk Presentation Information

This is taken from an e-mail message from Co-chair Jeff Skevington to oral/talk presenters, posted here for your information.

'Hello JAM talk presenters,

I am sending this message to only one author from each talk. Please forward it to your co-authors. A couple of things:

1. We will be asking for your talks at the meeting, not beforehand. You can thus have the pleasure of working on them on your way to the meeting and the night before. The audiovisual room schedule is posted on the website with the rest of the schedule (http://www.canacoll.org/JAM2008/). You must have your talks to us the night before your session. The only exception will be for those who do not arrive in time Sunday and speak Monday. The room will be open very early Monday for those folks.
2. Please bring your talks on either a memory stick (preferred) or burned to a CD. Please do not bring them on external hard drives, iPods, DVD,s or any other format. Although we may be able to handle these, we cannot guarantee it.
3. The computers we are using are government PC's running Office 2003 (ah, you say, now I see why there are limitations - no macs, much to my chagrin) so please keep this in mind when preparing your talks. If you use a Mac, you will be able to test your talk out in the audiovisual room, but testing it on a PC in advance may keep your blood pressure lower. You may NOT use your own laptop to present.
4. Talks may only be presented using Powerpoint or Adobe Reader 7. As I said above, Office 2003 will be installed on the machines, but we will install a patch to deal with Office 2007 Powerpoint files. To be on the safe side, I suggest that you save your files in 2003 format since we have no way to know how this patch will perform. There goes the blood pressure again.
5. Keep an eye on our website (http://www.canacoll.org/JAM2008/) for any details that you may need. Session timings are now posted with the schedule and we will be posting individual presentation schedules a few days before the meeting.
6. We will be posting a draft program early next week (Tuesday if all goes as planned). Please check your entries here. This will give you a chance to correct spelling errors, errors in the abstract and title, etc. before we print the program. Please put this on your calendar and check this! I need to have any changes that you want made in my hand by October 12th (no extensions - we are printing hard copies on the 13th). We will include French abstracts in the program (translated by ESC volunteers). Please give these a very good check to make sure that they say what you intended.'