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    1. Introduction Support for External Agencies
    2. National Repository for Research Specimens
    History of the CNC
    1. Introduction Beginnings of the CNC Historical Review Scientific Staff Technical Staff Expeditions and Field Work References Table 1 (Organization Names) Table 2 (Entomology Sections) Table 3 (Scientists) Table 4 (Technicians and Illustrators)
    2. Table 5 (Surveys of Insect Collection Growth)
    CanaColl Foundation
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    2. 1998 Annual Report
  2. Curatorial Units
    1. Diptera (Flies)
      1. Holdings Personnel Onsite Diptera Links Diptera Types in the Canadian National Collection of Insects
        1. Part 1. Nematocera [NADS website] Part 2. Brachycera (exclusive of Schizophora) [NADS website] Part 3. Schizophora (exclusive of Tachinidae) (1999) Part 4. Tachinidae [NADS website]
        2. 5. Supplement (2003)
        1. 1. Fly Times [NADS website] Tachinid Times [NADS website]
        2. Directory of North American Dipterists [NADS website]
        Additional Diptera Links
        1. Address Directories Catalogues
        2. Diptera Families
      2. Hardcopy Diptera Publications
      Hymenoptera (Sawflies, Parasitic Wasps, Ants, Wasps, Bees)
      1. Holdings Personnel Hardcopy Hymenoptera Publications
      2. Hymenoptera Links
      3. Chalcidoidea
        1. About Chalcidoidea
        2. Primary Types
        3. Secondary Types
        4. List of Taxa
        5. Glossary of Positional and Morphological Terms
      Coleoptera (Beetles)
      1. Personnel Hardcopy Coleoptera Publications
      2. Coleoptera Links
      Lepidoptera (Butterflies, Moths)
      1. Holdings Personnel Hardcopy Lepidoptera Publications
      2. Lepidoptera Links
      Hemiptera (True Bugs)
      1. Holdings Personnel Hardcopy Hemiptera Publications
      2. Hemiptera Links
      Arachnida (Mites, Ticks, Spiders)
      1. Acari (Mites, Ticks) Araneae (Spiders) and Minor Orders of Arachnida Personnel Hardcopy Arachnida Publications
      2. Arachnida Links
      Minor Insect Orders
      1. Hardcopy Minor Insect Order Publications
      2. Minor Insect Order Links
    2. Nematoda (Roundworms)
      1. Hardcopy Nematoda Publications